Coming Soon: Ways to Grow in Rest

Hi! L-A and Tony are in the middle of a rest in Calabogie, Ontario. While we are in the midst of a mini-Sabbath, or sabbatical, we have serious computer issues, which prevent finishing L-A’s article on rest. How ironic! L-A will finish it soon and hopefully the computer will be fixed as well. We hope, since L-A’s books are on that computer, which were too big to back up properly.

Meanwhile, Tony will be going on mesothelioma treatment under an excellent oncologist at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. L-A is in the midst of fittings for new lymphedema garments, and also work on her feet, both of which are not fully covered under OHIP. We need prayer for the finances to cover these needs, since L-A doesn’t have a pension and has no income at all (at this time). We are caregivers to L-A’s dad, volunteer, of course. It’s a lean season but we are managing, despite piling medical debt. We are just thankful that Tony’s care is mostly covered! Please pray that we have the provision that we need and for health for both of us. We are thankful that we aren’t left abandoned but Jesus is always with us and the Holy Spirit brings us joy as we trust in God for everything.

Bless you!

Laurie-Ann Copple

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