This picture is from Mitchell’s Pass, which is not far from where we live in South Africa.  We wanted to give you a taste of some of the beauty that is near us.  Beauty is all around us – and it’s not just visual!

You can listen in to updated versions of Ways to Grow in God teachings!  Tony and Laurie-Ann are now Iris Ministries Canada missionaries in South Africa, working with Iris Western Cape base, and various Worcester based ministries like: My Father’s House Worcester, Change Makers, Masterpeace Academy, Riverview Kids Club and more.

We live right in Worcester and plan to be here until November 2020.  During our time here, we are running an internet radio station called Copples Western Cape Radio, CWCP.  It’s a Galcom International station and runs weekly for one hour plus some extra music.

Ways to Grow in God is one of the mini-programmes that are aired in the one-hour broadcast, but are also available separately on the podcast page.

Click here to visit the podcast page:

Ways to Grow in God podcasts (Copples Western Cape Radio)

And while you are there, please explore other things that we Copples are doing as faith-based missionaries.  I say faith based, because no one is paying us.  We are under Iris Ministries Canada, where Canadians can donate towards our ministry needs, but in South Africa, we are considered as volunteers.

Laurie-Ann Copple