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If you have found these meditations helpful in your walk with God, please consider encouraging us with a financial donation. It will help us keep bread on the table while I pray, write and post!

They could be of any amount, “widow’s mites” are welcome too.  At this time, L-A is not employed for pay, but is an Iris missionary.  This is the same organization that is headed by Rolland and Heidi Baker.  We are officially missionaries under Iris Ministries Canada, and Canadians (and internationals) can donate via Canada Helps using the Iris Ministries Canada portal.  If you’re a Canadian, you can use the tax receipt provided towards your income tax.

While this site’s articles and L-A’s ministry is a gift (free), donations are very welcome towards our work in South African townships.  There are two ways to give online.  We have a Paypal account, and you can give that way particularly if you do not require a tax receipt. This is a good way to give if you aren’t in Canada, or if you wish to contribute towards L-A’s medical needs (cancer surgery, injections, radiation etc).

Donate through Paypal

The other way to give is through Canada Helps via the Iris Ministries Canada portal below, where you can receive a tax receipt – Good for Canadians.  Please make sure to scroll down to “South Africa – Tony and Laurie-Ann Copple.”

Canada Helps Giving Portal (please scroll down to Copples-South Africa)

love offering

Copples’ Giving Page


You can also donate through Iris Ministries Canada to support, not only Ways to Grow in God, but their work in Worcester, South Africa!  Visit to find out more.

Thank you and bless you for your support!

Laurie-Ann and Tony Copple

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