Contact or see L-A in Person

L-A may be available to speak at your event. We will post these events as they happen. If you feel led to ask for Laurie-Ann’s ministry you may use this handy form.  Laurie-Ann and her husband Tony  currently are care givers with family in Toronto, Canada. We will eventually return to Ottawa.

L-A is an inflammatory breast cancer survivor.  At this time, L-A’s husband is battling mesothelioma cancer and prostate cancer under the care of an oncologist team at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.  L-A can appear via video link if needed, due to disability (she has trouble walking).

Bless you and thank you for your interest and prayers.  May you encounter the deep love of Jesus and the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit.  Papa God loves you.

See what we did on our 2019 home visit!  Please visit our events page, for our itinerary in Canada and USA.  We were there in the midst of our missionary assignment in South Africa (2017-2022)

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